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Centrifugal Blowers

Single Inlet signifies that the air is drawn from one side of the blower only and Double Inlet signifies that the air is drawn in from two sides of the blower & exited from one outlet. Application requiring high static pressure with low volume
  • Cooling AC/DC drives.
  • HVAC applications.
  • Clean Room Environment / Equipments.
  • Plastic Extrusion

Axial Flow Fans

Axial Flow Fans blades are press-fitted / welded on the rotor & the assembly is dynamically balanced in two planes to grade 6.3 of ISO 1940-2000; VDI 2060. All Models available in suction & blow. Applications requiring high air volume and low pressure
  • Instrumentation and electrical panel cooling.
  • UPS systems.
  • Condenser fans in air conditioning & refrigeration.
  • Walk in coolers and deep freezers.
  • Welding sets and rectifiers.
  • Lift cabin fans.
  • Industrial & domestic exhaust fans.

Backward Curved Fans

Backward Curved Fans can be used with or without scroll housing and find its application in sucking operations and where static required at fan inlet is high. Application requiring high static pressure at inlet
  • Roof extractors
  • Electrical panel cooling
  • Thyristor panel cooling

Cross Flow Fans

Cross Flow Fans has longer length when compared to its diameter. It uses impeller with forward curved blades. The airflow is uniform across their entire length. The velocity & Volume of the air that comes out of these fans is very low which facilitates quiet functioning. Application requiring at low velocity
  • Lift cabin cooling
  • Electrical panel cooling
  • HVAC applications

Circular Inline Fans

An inline exhaust fan is best defined as a fan that is mounted inline (inside or connected to ducting) that is used for extraction purposes. An inline fan does not sit directly on the plasterboard or ceiling, instead it is typically located inside the attic or roofspace a little bit further away from the bathroom. Application requiring for boosting airflow within extended circular duct
  • Suitable for ventilating in residential, commercial and industrial applications such as wine cellars, toilets, kitchens and bathrooms in homes, hotels, apartments and offices
  • Suitable for equipment cooling.

Motor with extended shafts

Like any other conventional Motor, the External Rotor Motor has a wound Stator and an Aluminum Die Cast Rotor. The only difference is that in this case the Rotor moves externally around the stator.
  • Water pump drives in room coolers and humidifiers.
  • Laboratory stirrers
  • Aircurtains and cross flow fans.
  • Evaporator units in split AC's